Wearing a wig can significantly boost your confidence and give you the opportunity to experiment with different styles. As wig options continue to expand, more people are embracing this trend. Whether you choose to wear a wig regularly or for a specific event, we'll provide you with some helpful tips, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience.


Head sizes vary among individuals, which is why wigs are available in different sizes. It’s important to take accurate measurements to ensure a proper fit and avoid issues like wig slippage, discomfort or cap damage.


When it comes to picking out a wig, choosing between human hair and synthetic is a big decision. Each fiber has its own pros and cons. Synthetic wigs and heat-friendly synthetic wigs are cost-effective and low-maintenance, but they don't last as long. On the other hand, human hair wigs offer unparalleled realism and versatility, but they require more upkeep. Consider your lifestyle, hair goals and budget while evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of both fibers.

When choosing the right wig color, length, and texture, think about your goal with wearing a wig. Do you prefer a look that closely resembles how you like to wear your natural hair on a daily basis? Are you looking for something totally different that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone or make you stand out in a crowd? Wigs come in a wide range of colors and styles, from your average solid, brown bob all the way to long, layered pastels and pixies with fashion-forward highlights.
Wefted vs. hand-tied? Lace front or no lace front? Wigs are made with various cap constructions that provide different benefits and price points– they range from your most basic, fully-wefted design all the way to 100% hand-tied caps with lace fronts. The more hand-tied features a wig has, the more realistic it will be, and price will be reflective of this factor.

Proper care helps to protect your investment and this includes keeping your locks clean. Aim to wash your wig every 6-8 wears and keep in mind that if you work out in your wig or have an active lifestyle, you may need to wash more frequently to keep it looking, feeling and smelling fresh. Also be sure to use care and styling products made specifically for the fiber you’re wearing, which will help to maintain its integrity and style.
There are a few items that can make all the difference in your wig-wearing experience:

Wide tooth comb – always carry one with you and detangle often, concentrating at the nape of your wig where they’re more prone to tangling. Avoid brushes, specifically on synthetic fiber, because they cause the fiber to frizz or matt up.

Wig liners – wearing a liner under your wig can help keep it in place and provide a barrier between the cap and your scalp, which is especially helpful if you have skin sensitivities.
Wig stand– when you aren’t wearing your wig, it needs to be stored safely, and a wig stand not only helps any styling stay intact but also allows your wig to dry after washes.
If you decide to shop for a wig, we hope this has been a helpful resource in finding one that not only provides utmost comfort but also boosts your confidence when wearing it.

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