Materials Make a Difference

Finding a comfortable wig to wear doesn't have to be a daunting task. There are several factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a wig that's ideal for long-term wear. 
First, it's important to select a wig that is made from high-quality materials. Premium synthetic fibers will feel the most like real hair and unlike cheap synthetic fibers, they won't feel like a cactus pricking your skin. Human hair is soft against the skin and even though it comes with a higher price tag, comfort combined with realism are what make it an unbeatable combination.

Monofilament & Hand-Tied Wigs

Second, cap or base materials have a lot to do with how cozy a wig is as well. Monofilament and hand-tied wigs make up some of the most popular choices because they're not only comfortable but each strand of hair is individually tied to either the top or entirety of the wig, giving the appearance of natural scalp. Double monofilament wigs are great for anyone with scalp sensitives because the double layer design cushions the scalp from the knots of the hair that's tied on.

Finding Your Size

Finally, no matter which type of wig you choose, always make sure you're wearing the correct size. Too large or small can lead to discomfort.  100% Hand-tied wigs  have the ability to fit in-between sizes so if your head measurements fall somewhere between petite and average or average and large cap sizes, a fully hand-tied wig is a great option. The stretchy mesh of this design creates a soft, secure fit. Additionally, look for a wig with adjustable straps which also helps to adjust sizing. 

With the right fit and quality design, you can find a wig that offers maximum comfort so you can look and feel your best. 

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